Tuesday, 5 February 2013

My Twin Pregnancy - Week 24

Today I had my twenty-four week check up at the hospital which went well and I finally got to meet the consultant who has been assigned to me. She was really nice and I can at last say that I feel like I am "in the system" which is a relief. In my last update I mentioned I have had to do a lot of chasing to get appointments since moving hospitals but the consultant has now reassured me that I will be seen every four weeks and have a scan at my next one too which will be great as I can't wait to see the twins again.

Thankfully this time I was seen after about an hour which was quick when compared to the three hours it took last time. I was totally dreading the wait, not just because I hate waiting but because it is a bit of a mission to keep Ben, a very active three year old, entertained in a busy waiting room. I thought ahead though and made sure I had a toddler entertainment pack with me which included books, a few small toys, my iPad loaded with the Alvin and the Chipmunks films and countless apps, some snacks and a drink, all of which worked pretty well to keep him occupied.

When it came to the actual appointment however, Ben just wanted to explore everything in the room including what would happen if he pulled the cables out of the back of the PC. Luckily I manged to avert a crisis just in time with the offer of a bag of crisps and he sat quietly for the remainder of it. We got to hear the babies heartbeats which Ben was very excited about and the lovely nurse doing my blood pressure gave him his very own stethoscope to play with which he was in his element with, copying her as she used hers. As my iron is a bit on the low side I have been given iron tablets and two large bottles of Gavison to tackle the heartburn I've been experiencing so I am hoping both of these will make a difference.

Hoping these will help

The consultant said that we can discuss birthing options at my next appointment and for the first time in this pregnancy the possibility of having a natural birth was mentioned. Up until now I have been told it will most likely be a c-section given that I had one with Ben so I hadn't even considered other options. It has given me a lot to think about, I desperately wanted a natural birth with Ben and was gutted when I was told it was not an option. I guess deep down I know I would like to experience it but, being practical, a known c-section date would make it easier on Ben as we could arrange to have his Nana come and mind him. I shall be doing a lot of thinking about this for the next few weeks and reckon I will be watching One Born Every Minute with a whole new set of eyes.

Until next time I leave you with this bump shot I took yesterday - I can't quite believe how much it has grown in a week.

My Twin Pregnancy, 24 Weeks, bump
Yes, my toes have disappeared


Me , The Man & The Baby said...

Quick! Paint them now before you can no longer reach or is it already too late for that? ;D

Mummy's Space said...

Good idea, can still just about reach them :) x

notyetayummymummy said...

Congratulations, I've just come back and have seen your news. You must be thrilled. All the best for a happy healthy pregnancy x

Mummy's Space said...

Aww thank you! Very excited about it :). x

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