Tuesday, 29 January 2013

My Twin Pregancy - Week 23

The babies have now been cooking for twenty three weeks and are definitely making their presence felt with their partying inside especially at night time when I go to bed. There has been some amusing moments over the past few weeks such as my hubby referring to me as a "belly with legs" and Ben hysterical with laughter due to the size of Mummy's tummy, in a three year old's words "it's really big and funny".

I'm pleased that my bump is getting bigger, it's reassuring to think that it means the babies must be getting bigger. The downside however is that I am feeling lots of stretching as my bump is growing rapidly. It has been so sore at times, I have had to give in and rest on the sofa with what I can only guess is round ligament pain. In the past few days I've noticed that it is not so easy to bend over and pick something that Ben has dropped during mealtimes up off the floor without feeling one of the babies digging into my ribs. Also I've pretty much accepted that morning sickness is set to last the duration now. In recent weeks it has gone back to that stage at the start where everything triggers it especially early on in the day when I can't bear the smell of ketchup, garlic, perfume, deodorant, meat cooking - in fact, even the thought of meat cooking is enough to tip me over the edge, and don't get me started on the horrible heartburn that plagues me, especially at night when I am trying to sleep. Apart from all that I am loving being pregnant and feeling fine and keep reminding myself that it'll be all worth it in the end.

I haven't had any check-ups or scans since my last update and to be honest I am getting a bit confused over when they should be. I think this is mainly due to the fact that I changed hospital when we moved out of London just after my twelve week scan. Appointments for scans and check-ups from the previous hospital keep arriving in the post (despite having notified them on several occasions that I will no longer be having my babies with them) however there is nothing from my new hospital unless I chase and hassle them which somehow seems wrong. I have arranged a consultants appointment for next week but I have no idea when my next scan is due. I have to admit I am starting to feel slightly uneasy about the hospital and care I have been getting but hopefully I will get a chance to clear things up when I see the consultant next week.

I'm also getting a little nervous about the number of people who say to me, "you can expect the twins to arrive early" and the stories of early twin birth experiences I have read. I started reading a book about twins last night and the section about preterm labour really freaked me out, so much so I had to stop reading it. The only reassuring thing that I did take from the book was that twins actually mature quicker than singleton babies so if they are born a little early there is less risk. I have decided that I need to be positive and I am currently insisting that these two will be staying put until at least thirty eight weeks. It may be wishful thinking, but I really am holding on to this thought and my bump has been duly informed of this decision so hopefully will be good for Mummy and cooperate.

Finally we have started to think about baby names which is exciting but at the same time seems like a massive task due to the need to pick first and middle names for two boys and two girls and a boy/girl combination too. It's probably just as well we have started looking now as I can already tell it is going to take some time to decide on names we agree on. We have installed some iPhone apps including one called Baby Names to help so hopefully these will give us some inspiration and let us compare our top picks easily. I particularly like this app as it has a twins names section which is a nice starting place for ideas. 

To allow myself to indulge in some window shopping for the twins I have created a Shopping Wishlist for the Twins  board on Pinterest which I suspect will be packed with more "fantasy would-like-to-haves" than actual essentials but is a fun way to get some idea of what we will need to (would love to) buy before and after the babies arrive. I should really start a "My Favourite Maternity Products" board as well as I have come across quite a few gems lately including a fantastic Pre and Post Natal cream and some gorgeous Sotto e Sopra tops that are worth sharing. 

Ben is still chatting lots about the babies and is excited about being a big brother although he keeps changing his mind about whether he wants them to be boys or girls or one of each. We have just ordered him his first single bed which will be arriving in a few weeks. Hopefully this will be good timing and avoid him feeling like he is being kicked out of his beloved Stokke Sleepi which will be moving to the twins room. I have to say he really is being great for me, especially on days when I haven't been feeling the best and we have snuggled on the sofa having lovely cuddles while watching the TV or playing on the iPad. I am really soaking up these moments as I know it will all get a bit hectic once the twins arrive and I won't get as much opportunity to have these kind of "just us" times with him.

Ben, the bump and me watching Pingu

Until the next update I leave you with a summary of what is happening this week. According to What To Expect, in the 24th week the babies are now about eight and a half inches long and weigh one and a half pounds each, gaining steadily at a rate of six ounces per week. Their hearing is getting sharper which explains while they suddenly jump when they hear Coco bark or Ben shout. It's hard to believe it, but their faces are almost fully formed, complete with eyelashes, eyebrows, and hair. It really does amaze me reading the updates every week, these little babies are working hard growing and developing every day. 


Babyhuddle said...

Ah, glad to hear your bump is growing well! Also glad to hear that you put the book down! Hope you're feeling well

Mummy's Space said...

Thank you :). Was definitely a good move to stop reading that book.. xx

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