Friday, 23 November 2012

The Making of the John Lewis Christmas TV Advert

I love the John Lewis Christmas TV advert which tells the tale of one devoted Snowman's adventure to John Lewis to find the perfect Christmas gift for his beloved Snowgirl. It is very sweet and definitely has the "aww" effect.

If like me, you love this ad and would like to know how it is made check out the 'The making of John Lewis Christmas 2012: The Journey' video below. For me, it made the advert even more special finding out the lengths that all those involved had to go to to create the snowy conditions and make the snowman's journey come to life and be believable. I also love the fact that you see the kids, Dominic and his sister, who are in the advert build the Snowman and Snowgirl which adds a very personal touch. One thing is guaranteed, after seeing this video you will watch the advert with new eyes the next time it comes on TV.

*Disclaimer: I received a gift voucher and very cute snowman teddy for posting this.


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