Wednesday, 15 August 2012

The Gallery: Emotion

This week's theme for The Gallery is Emotion. Ben loves his "little baby Coco" (otherwise known as Coco the chihuahua). Every morning when he wakes, he runs to find her and give her a big hug. The only problem is at times he can get a bit too enthusiastic about hugging her and trying to get her to wag her tail or dance with him which results in Coco running for cover. She tolerates his attention so well it really does prove she loves Ben too.  

The picture I have chosen is one which captures Ben and Coco's morning hug. I love his expression in this full of love for his best friend Coco.

The Gallery, Emotion


My Two Mums said...

Aww sooo cute :)

Susan Mann said...

Aww what a sweet picture. x

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