Thursday, 2 August 2012

Read and Build with LEGO DUPLO Review

We recently received three Read and Build LEGO DUPLO sets to review and they have been a massive hit. The sets are a fantastic idea as not only do they contain the much loved DUPLO blocks, but a beautifully illustrated story book based around the sets themselves which contains instructions on how to build things from the story. These instructions do not detract from the story or interfere but instead become part of it. It not only brings the story to life but the blocks take on a new life of their own too inspiring creativity in young children. Read and Build is such an excellent concept, encouraging role play not to mention the educational value, combining learning with fun.

Read and Build with LEGO DUPLO Review
Deciding which one to play with first?
The three sets include Grow Caterpillar Grow!, Busy Farm and Let’s Go Vroom!. Ben's favourite is Let’s Go Vroom!, he loves building the plane with Pilot Penny inside and flying off to rescue Racer Joe whose car is broken and needs fixing. We have read this story so many times now that he now knows the words off by heart.
Let's Go Vroom!
Grow Caterpillar Grow! is a fantastic set for teaching your child colours as the baby caterpillar is growing page by page into a rainbow caterpillar.
Grow Caterpillar Grow!
Busy Farm is my favourite, with it's bright animals and teaches kids all about the busy life of Farmer Ted, as he does his rounds of the farm taking care of his animals. We had a lot of fun making all the animal sounds as on each page you are asked  ‘what does the cow say’, ‘what does the pig say’ and so on.
Busy Farm
I love the fact that the book turns LEGO DUPLO into something different, it combines two special parent-child bonding activities, reading and playing, into one which is such a great idea.

Read and Build with LEGO DUPLO Review
Read and Build with LEGO DUPLO sets
LEGO DUPLO Read & Build comes in a plastic re-sealable packs and is suitable for children aged 18 months to four years.  The RRP £9.99. For stockists details visit

Read and Build with LEGO DUPLO - Busy reading and building
Ben busy reading and building
*Disclaimer: I received three Read and Build with LEGO DUPLO for free in exchange for a review but this has in no way biased my opinion.


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