Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Le Toy Van Juming Set and Budkins Dolls Review

The London 2012 Olympics has seen a lot of success for Team GB including winning gold in showjumping, a feat they have been waiting sixty years to achieve. We have been recreating their fantastic performance by playing with our own equestrian set.

Our set contains Budkins Equestrian Dolls, Brown Wooden Horse and Jumping Set. The Budkins Dolls include Pippa, Jimmy and Polly, three bendable dolls dressed in detailed clothes and complete with a sweeping brush. We choose the brown horse but he also come in grey. The horse comes complete with a bridle, reins and a saddle. The Jumping set contains a green mat which is the grass on top of which you arrange the five jumps which require some assembly and the pond.

Ben enjoys putting the jumps together (and knocking them back down again). I like the fact this kind of set sparks the imagination and encourages role play and creativity in young kids. We did have to carry out some minor repair work to the bridle when it came apart, but nothing a little super glue couldn't fix. As the characters are bendable they can be positioned to sit on the horse which works well. I love the horse, the detail is excellent with the dark shading on his under body and legs and a long mane and tail.

In addition to these items there are a lot of other great equestrian accessories available from Big Game Hunters Dolls Houses which enables you to expand on your collection if this is something your child enjoys. The Budkins Equestrian Dolls are priced at £11.99, the Brown Wooden Horse is £5.69 and the Jumping Set costs £6.99.

* Disclaimer: I received these toys free of charge in exchange for a review but this has in no way biased my opinion.


Susan Mann said...

These look great fun x

Knock on Wood said...

What a fantastic wooden toy. The detail in the riders is really amazing. I loved reading your review. It's always great reading about the latest wooden toy out there.

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