Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Kids Love the M Savers Summer Play Parks

Yesterday Ben and I went along to the Morrisons M Savers Summer Play Park in Acton, West London which was packed full of fun things for kids to do. The Play Park, which was set up outside the entrance to Morrisons, had a kid friendly artificial grass floor, giant floor games including duck and elephant draughts, a lemonade bottle shaped bubble machine, a tomato ketchup slide, a very cool magical music tree with tin can speakers and much more. All the games were cleverly made from giant versions of the Morrisons M Savers products, a great way to get the brand noticed in a fun way.

The facilities were well thought out with a sunscreen stand and healthy refreshments of juice or water and very delicious packets of apple slices and grapes that could be enjoyed in the picnic area or while chilling out on one of the many comfy beanbags. The staff were enthusiastic, friendly and great for encouraging the kids to get involved.

During the day there are a number of workshops running, these include cloud painting, crown making and butterfly decorating.

The good news is the Morrison Play Parks will be popping up at various locations around the UK this summer so make sure you keep an eye out for one coming to a Morrisons near you.

* Disclaimer: I received a goody bag containing some Morrisons M Savers products.


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