Friday, 24 August 2012

Guest Post: Surprise Your Mother with a Personal Gift

Surprising mum with a gift should mean more than the expected box of chocolates on her birthday, charismas or mother’s day. Being a mum is a 24 hours a day, 365 days a year job. Although being a mother is the most rewarding and fulfilling of experiences, it is hard work and sometimes they can be left feeling unappreciated. Giving a surprise gift can help show appreciation, care and attention to all the mothers feeling neglected or overworked.  However for the gesture to seem real and thoughtful you need the right kind of gift, it can easily come off as an unplanned empty gesture when buying many shop-bought items. The solution is simple, a personalised gift she can cherish and enjoy for years.

These days many items can be personalised from tea-cup to calendars, with all manner of customisation including images, photos and text. For mothers a great way to personalise products is with photos of their children and text like “world’s best mom”. A personalised gift is wonderful because every time they see it they are reminded of the occasion, creating long lasting memories.
Not only are personalised gifts great but they are so easy to create, all you really need is a digital photograph and some time to log into a personalised gift creation website. Even if you aren’t very creative, there will be plenty of template and stock images to choose from.   The process is quick, easy and you can produce some fantastic looking pieces to share with your loved ones.

Fantastic gift ideas from Vistaprint
If like many of us you aren’t very ‘tech savvy’ and are unsure how to get your digital photo from your phones, cameras or other devices onto your computer, don’t panic! There are many ways to get photos off your devices:
  • Firstly see if you can find a cable that connects from your device to a USB slot. A USB slot is a small rectangle that you can plug all kind of devices from keyboards, mice and memory sticks into. Most computers have at least two of theses and can be found on the front and back of the computer towers or at the side of laptops. Once it is plugged in it should be easy to extract similar to how you use a memory stick.
  • Secondly see if both your computer and device have Bluetooth, if they do you should be able to send them straight across by pressing send via Bluetooth on the photo.
  • Thirdly try taking the memory card out and seeing if your computer has the appropriate slot. But be careful to not try and force it into to the wrong size slot as there are various memory card formats of similar sizes.
  • Finally most photo labs are more than happy to help you get the photo off of a device for a small fee.  A worthy point to also note about photo labs is that, if you have a physical photo they will usually do a high quality scanning service to change them to digital images for you so don’t worry if all you’ve got is an old photo.
Once you have the perfect picture try and find the perfect gift. Make it something unique to their personality, if they drink a lot of tea get them cup or if they have a busy schedule why not a personalised calendar. The possibilities are endless all it takes is a bit of time and thought to create the perfect gift that your love ones will cherish for a life time.

~ This is a guest post by Sam Fisher.

*Disclaimer: I received a payment for publishing this guest post.  


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