Friday, 10 August 2012

Guest Post: Family Fun Activities

Getting active as a family should be at the heart of household life. Whether the activity is as lively as doing some great outdoor activities like surfing, rock climbing or skiing to simply finding something fun to do around the house, there are many sources of entertainment to bond over!

Getting into the garden – Gardening with your children can be a really rewarding and extremely bonding activity. It also educates children as to how plants grow and that flowers don’t’ simply come from flower deliveries from Interflora and that vegetables don’t come from the supermarket, they are grown in the ground from bulbs and seeds.

Nature trails – Once you have educated your children in the fundamentals of nature through growing your own flowers, fruit and vegetables they might then be interested in going for a nature trail. You can source a local centre for a nature trail or simply do one yourself in your garden or Local Park. It’s really easy to set up, simply come up with a list of flowers, plants and wildlife you know will be easy to spot and watch your children have fun in exploring the great outdoors!

Cooking – If the weather isn’t on your side cooking and baking are activities as an alternative. It is important to give your children a healthy outlook on food and learning to cook form a young age can give them the head start they need. You could even use some of the ingredients you have grown together in the garden.

Sports – You don’t have to spend a lot of money on sports equipment to have fun with a sporting activity with your children. Most children simply thrive on the element of competition in sports so setting up a mini sports day of your own can be fun for the whole family.

*Disclaimer: This is a guest post on behalf of Interflora.


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