Friday, 3 August 2012

Day 216 of The 366 Project

While watching the athletics this evening Ben got quite inspired by the athletes running so very fast. He decided he could do the same and took off running around and around the lounge as fast as he could. A future Olympian perhaps?

Day 216 of The 366 Project -  A future Olympian perhaps?

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The Mini Mes and Me said...

Hahaha! Bless him. Atleast it wasn't the diving, jumping from sofas and chairs wouldn't be ideal :) x

TheBoyandMe said...

The speed in this photo is amazing!

Thanks for linking up

fromfuntomum said...

Run Forrest, erm I mean Ben, Run!
(cute moment to have captured) x

Coombe Mill (Fiona) said...

Racing the TV, so who one?

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