Friday, 27 July 2012

Fancy Snacking on Some Llama's?

We recently received some Llama's baked snacks and wow they taste good! They come in three yummy varieties; BBQ, Cheese and Sweet Chilli so something to suit all tastes. As soon as I saw the packets they made me smile with their cheeky llamas and humorous phrases like "I spit on your potatoes" and "I put the ooh back into BBQooh". I love the branding, the llama idea is genius! Of course, once I opened them and saw the cute little llama shaped bites inside I was liking them even more. Yes, I know what you're thinking - what a sucker for a bit of clever marketing and branding, however I'll have you know if these snacks didn't live up to the all important taste test I would be quickly losing my attraction to my new found food crush.

I wasn't to be disappointed though as one word kept getting repeated by me and all who tried them and that was "yummy!". They are deliciously moorish without feeling heavy or greasy. Of course as they are oven baked, not fried and whole-wheat they are a far healthier alternative to a lot of the other crisps and snacks on the market. It is also worth mentioning that if you are allergic to dairy (like me) and struggle to find snacks that don't contain some form of milk or another, then you're in luck as the BBQ ones are dairy free.

Nutritional values prove they are a healthy snack choice
The enjoyment went beyond just eating the Llama's though. Ben (and I) couldn't resist playing with them and we had a lot of fun chasing them about with Ben's toys who also wanted to sample them.

The Dinosaur & dragon were curious about the new snacks in town
Llama 's definitely get a big thumbs up from all of us (drangons and dinosaurs agree too) so I can highly recommend you get hold of a packet. They are available to purchase from Tesco and cost £1.69 for a 150g bag which is perfect for sharing. The bag comes with a resealable tab which keep them fresh once opened and resealed. Go on, go try them - you won't be disappointed!

* Disclaimer: I received sample packets of Llama's to try in exchange for a review.


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