Thursday, 12 July 2012

Eye Spy with Beddy and Hide ‘n’ Seek with Beddy iPhone Apps

Eye Spy with Beddy and Hide ‘n’ Seek with Beddy are two fun iPhone apps developed by Fantastic Media which are based on classic kids games. They both feature Beddy the Truck, who works for Bedfords Transport, a logistics company that delivers goods all over the country and also visits schools to teach children about road safety. The iPhone apps are a fun way to help introduce Beddy to kids and then lead on to teach them about road safety using some of the free resources you will find on the Beddy website. Both apps are kid-friendly and easy to use with colourful graphics that will appeal to children.

Beddy the Truck's website
The Beddy the Truck website which is packed full of resources to teach kids about road safety
Eye Spy with Beddy is based on the car game "I Spy with my little eye". When you load the app you can have four options: Play to start the game, High Score which lists top scores, My Finds where all the items you have previously found are listed and Credits which lists the app credits. To start the game select Play then select a level, the difficulty can be changed by swiping horizontally between Easy, Medium and Hard, choose the scene you want to play from a choice of eighteen and the game starts. You then have to race against the timer to find the things you are asked for before it runs out. The app is a lot of fun to play and great for developing your child's observational, concentration and recognition skills. As you get get asked to find things by their name or first letter it helps to grow your child's vocabulary and spellings too. 

Eye Spy with Beddy
Eye Spy with Beddy - Ben loves this Space scene
Hide ‘n’ Seek with Beddy is a fun, different app and the first of it's kind that I have come across. It is based on the well loved game, "Hide n Seek" and to play you simply set the timer, hide the phone, listen for the horn and then find the phone before the timer runs out. The horn sounds every 10 seconds to help you find it while in countdown mode and continuously once the time is up. I have yet to come across a child who doesn't enjoy playing Hide 'n' Seek in it's traditional form so you can be sure that this app is bound to be a hit with all who play it. It is great fun to play in groups or as a family and you have the added bonus that your child is getting some exercise while playing.

Hide 'n' Seek with Beddy
Hide 'n' Seek with Beddy
Both these apps are a big hit with Ben who loves playing them. He loves the different scenes in  Eye Spy with Beddy, his favourite is the space scene, mine is the London one where you have to find the London Eye and Big Ben. There is also a lot of excitement when we play Hide "n" Seek and we have had a lot of fun finding creative places to hide the phone which makes me thankful that the horn sounds continuously when the time runs out or it may have been a challenge to find it on a few occasions.
Eye Spy with Beddy  around London
Eye Spy with Beddy around London
 Eye Spy with Beddy and Hide ‘n’ Seek with Beddy are both free to download from the App Store and are compatible with the iPhone.


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