Sunday, 22 July 2012

Even Monsters Get Sick iPad App Review

For the past few days Ben has been playing Even Monsters Get Sick by Busy Bee Studios and he is loving it. It is a fantastically interactive e-book which tells the story of a boy called Harry and his pet monster who seems to be a bit under the weather. It includes six fun games and surprises on every page to captivate young children's attention. The story itself teaches kids a valuable lesson about caring for others and that anyone, no matter how big or small can get sick, it also helps kids to understand that seeing a doctor when ill is not something to be feared.

Whirlpool of goo
Harry having fun with his fully recovered monster
When you load the app there are two options to select from, Read to Me which is narrated or I Can Read where you can read along yourself. From the very start there are interactive activities which build on skills such as memory and counting as in selecting the correct number of objects which Harry swapped for his monster. There are mazes to navigate through, object matching puzzles and a game which relate to physics principles of acceleration and force where Harry Bounces on a shovel to propel some soup into his monsters mouth. The illustrations are excellent with fun graphics which kids will love.
Feeding the monster his medicine
There are so many elements to this app that Ben loves from the cuckoo clock , the whirlpool of goo to his absolute favourite activity feeding the Monster his medicine. It is a fantastic app, so well designed packed full of interactive features which are part of the story and enhance it without being obtrusive. It is aimed at children aged 5+ but Ben who is not yet 3 years has no problem playing it.

Ben having fun playing Even Monsters Get Sick
Even Monsters Get Sick is free to download from the App Store for this weekend only (21-22 July) and is compatible with the iPad. I can highly recommend it.


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