Thursday, 19 July 2012

Crocs Chameleon Translucent Clogs Review

Last week we received a pair of Crocs Chameleons Translucent Clogs to review. I have never seen Ben get so excited over a pair of shoes and I have to admit, I share his enthusiasm, as these crocs are very cool. The second you get them in the sunlight they change from their celery green colour to sea blue, it's definitely not a gimmick and I think Ben described them perfectly when he referred to them as his "magic shoes".

Crocs Chameleon Translucent Clog,  Before colour change
Before Colour-Change
A little sunlight and like magic they turn blue
A little sunlight and like magic they turn blue!
Apart from the clever colour-changing, patent-pending technology which is exclusive to Crocs, I was instantly impressed by how lightweight they are, especially when compared to the cheaper alternatives out there. They have lots of ventilation holes which provide breathability and help water drain away which make them a perfect choice for summertime sand and water play. These ventalation holes also fit Jibbitz shoe charms which kids love using to customising their Crocs, I must get Ben some dinosaur ones. The upper material which is made from translucent TPU, is soft and comfortable and the fully-molded Croslite foot bed feels cushioned yet sturdy and responds to body heat to create a form-to-foot fit. To make it extra comofortable for your child, circulation nubs on the foot bed provide a massage-like feel.

So next onto the toddler test. Unfortunately the sun seems to be on strike in London this summer so the opportunities to wear them and watch the colours change have been limited, but they were the perfect choice of footwear for our visit to the Princess Diana Memorial Playground last weekend. They were put to a series of tests including climbing and jumping, sand and water survival and lots of walking and running about. The strap which Ben wore at the back ensured that they stayed on and didn't hinder his exploration of the giant pirate ship where much climbing and jumping up and down levels was required. The were ideal for playing in the sand and water which quickly drained through the ventilation holes and Ben thought it was hilarious to bury his feet with them on and then reveal them in an "explosive volcano" style watching the colours change. They were clearly comfortable and easy to wear given the amount of walking and running Ben did in the playground and Hyde Park. I think it is safe to say that these Crocs passed all our tests with flying colours.
Crocs Chameleon, Toddler Test Time
Toddler Test Time
Crocs Chameleon Translucent Clogs come in a number of colours including  Light Grey / Navy, Oyster / Pink Lemonade, Lime Green / Yellow, Celery / Sea Blue, Light Blue / Raspberry and Pink Lemonade / Bubblegum. One thing to note is that if you are purchasing a half size it is recommended you order down to the next smallest whole size. I can highly recommend them, they are in my opinion, a must-have summer shoe for kids and the colour-changing Chameleon effect is so impressive it really does add a special magic which kids (and adults) will love.

*Disclaimer: I received a pair of Crocs Chameleon Translucent Clogs from Kids One Stop Shop for free in exchange for a review but this has in no way biased my opinion. We love them!


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