Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The Champion Hare iPhone / iPad App Review

The Champion Hare app is a great way to get kids into the spirit of the Olympic Games. It is a story all about a young hare who competes in a sports contest which takes place every few years. At the beginning of the story he is unsure what contest to enter and is told by a hyena that there are none that he could win. Undeterred by this, he goes on to enter all the events which results in a very important moral for kids.

The Champion Hare, Home screen with Help Pop-Up
Home screen with Help Pop-Up displayed
When you load the app the home screen appears where you will find a Help Desk and Menu options. You will see a rock with Help Desk (please ring bell) written on it, to ring the bell tap it which causes a Help pop-up screen to display. The pop-up contains all the information you need to use the app including how to navigate forward and back through the story by tapping the top corners and details on how to play narration by tapping the text on screen. It also tells you how to access the Menu options by tapping the boulder in the right hand bottom corner which reveals a little frog holding a plant with leaves, one of which says pages and allows you to select an individual page to jump to and the other Hints which gives on screen prompts for the various interactive features.

The Champion Hare,  Some of the many sports included
Some of the many sports included
The graphics are bright and fun with lots of animals which will appeal to kids. There are many interactive features which were the source of much laughter for my son. He especially loved the Laughing Hyena which had him in fits of giggles. Having the ability to switch on hints is very useful as it means you will eventually discover all the interactive features. I like the fact that you can decide when and if you want the story to be narrated on a page by page basis by simply tapping, or not tapping the text. It covers so many different sports that it is great for explaining to kids the types of events they can expect to see during the Olympics. The events in the story include rhythmic gymnastics, pole vaulting, hurdle races, discus throwing, the high jump and long jump to name but a few. When you get to the end of the story a very important moral on good sportsmanship and competing is revealed which is to always do your best when competing and regardless of whether you win or lose be happy and cheerful while doing so. This is a very important life lesson for children to learn and this story expresses it in a very effective way.

The Champion Hare, a happy ending
A happy ending
The Champion Hare is available to download from the App Store costing £2.49 and is compatible with both iPad and iPhone.

The Champion Hare, Ben having fun making the Hyena laugh
Ben having fun making the Hyena laugh

*Disclaimer: I received a promo code to download The Champion Hare iPad App for free but this has in no way biased my opinion.


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