Friday, 13 July 2012

Bob The Builder Deluxe Construction Tower Review

There was a lot of excitement in our house when the postman arrived with a package last week and Ben discovered it contained a Bob The Builder Deluxe Construction Tower. Ben is a massive fan of cranes and diggers so it was an instant hit and has quickly become one of his favourite toys that he plays with every day. 
Bob The Builder Deluxe Construction Tower, Review
The Deluxe Construction Tower requires minimum assembly and no batteries which is a big bonus from my point of view. It is an ideal toy for young children like Ben, who love pretending to be a builder like Bob, playing with cranes and all the building equipment they can find. The tower extends from one to two, to three storeys high by simply pressing a button on the base to lift it upwards. Ben soon got the swing of using the button to raise it up and down and usually exclaims "Ta-Da" or his new favourite word "Abracadabra" as he does. The crane can switch sides and comes with a cradle which a brick bundle clicks into so it can be lifted up and down easily without getting knocked off. As you extend it upwards, various things pop out which Ben loves and I really like the fact that you can just pop it back down again with the push of a button for easy storage. It also comes with a Bob figure, a wheelbarrow, brick bundle, two cement bags and two cones.

Bob the Builder, Deleuxe Construction Tower
Bob hard at work
I can highly recommend the Deluxe Construction Tower, it has already provided hours of entertainment for my son and he only has it a week. The only thing I can say, is to avoid disappointment, it might be wise to keep the box out of your child's sight as it has pictures of Muck and the other diggers and machinery from Bob the Builder on it which Ben presumed would be in the box and he kept asking for after seeing. As he enjoys playing with the tower so much we are going to get him the set of the vehicles that compliment it at some stage which I think will add even more fun to it. Our experience of playing with the Tower has definitely been a good one so it gets a big thumbs up from us.

Bob The Builder Deluxe Construction Tower, Review
Ben loves "cranking" the crane up and down
Bob The Builder Deluxe Construction Tower, Review
Hours of entertainment
Bob The Builder Deluxe Construction Tower is available to purchase from Find Me A and costs £29.99.

*Disclaimer: I received the Bob The Builder Construction Tower for free but this has in no way biased my opinion - it has certainly passed the Ben test!


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