Saturday, 16 June 2012

Happy Father's Day Daddy! - A Letter From Ben

To Daddy,

Happy Father's Day to the BESTEST Daddy in the whole wide world. I love you lots and lots, more than all the tomato Mickey crackers in the world (and you know how much I love them).

I want to say thank you for all the fun things you do with me, the way you let me ride on your shoulders when I get tired, for helping me climb trees, for pushing me way up high on the swings, hiding me under pillows and building forts with blankets and playing "meteor ball" with Mummy and me. I love snuggling up next to you on the sofa and watching TV and I especially love the silly faces you pull that make me laugh so very much, not to mention how it cracks me up when you tickle me.

I hope you like your presents and I'm sorry I may have spoilt some of the surprises (Ooopsy!). I've been very excited about all the things Mummy and I have been picking for you while out shopping this week and I've been bursting to tell you about them all as soon as you get home even though Mummy asked me to keep them a surprise. I hope you have a very special Father's Day today, best friend Daddy.

Lots of Love and big hugs and kisses,

Ben xxx


Jennypaulin said...

Aww what a lovely fathers day letter Ben. Your daddy will be chuffed to bits. Enjoy your special day xx

Chris Allmark said...

To Ben,
Thank you for such a wonderful letter and all of the *ahem* surprises! You've really made my dey extra-special.

Love you so much,
Daddy xxx

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