Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Hair Whirlpools and Other Imaginative Things

Ben made us laugh the other day when he looked in the mirror pointed to the curls on the top of his head and said "Look hair whirlpools!". I couldn't help but think what a great way to describe his gorgeous curls. He is very proud of his "hair whirlpools", so much so, he kicked up an absolute fuss in the bath today when I was washing his hair saying "leave them alone, don't wash Ben's hair whirlpools away". The only way to reassure him was to show him in the mirror that they were very much still there, albeit covered in shampoo which, of course he called magic bubbles and wanted to keep too but that's another story.

I love Ben's view of the world. He sees steam rising from the kettle or a pot on the hob and says "watch out there's a volcano with hot bubbly lava". The littlest incline is turned into a mountain that we must climb to rescue a baby monkey or dinosaur stranded at the top and when anything falls off the table or sofa it is "going down, down into the canyon". He always wakes in the morning with tales of dinosaurs and dragons and is often heard muttering about pirates and the like in his sleep. He really does have an active imagination that never seems to stop. If only there was a way of recording all the amazing stories and tales from his magical toddler world, they would make for amazing kids books.

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Always telling imaginative stories


super amazing mum said...

I love this age!!!  Very imaginative and well done you on keeping a note of his things!

Mummy's Space said...

Me too, it's a great age when they are full of wonder and excitement about the world around them. Hope it last a long time yet, it's a lot of fun to witness. x

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