Friday, 23 March 2012

Planes by Byron Barton iPhone / iPad App Review

Planes by Byron Barton by Oceanhouse Media is the perfect app for young children who love planes. It is an eBook based on the kids book Aiplanes by Byron Barton. In this app children will learn about all the different types of planes from passenger jets, seaplanes to crop dusters along with what a control tower is, the jobs the workers do and get to watch trucks loading supplies. It is a bright and colourful app with pleasant narration and illustrations which will instantly appeal to young kids.

Words are highlighted as narrated
When you load the app you simply press on the arrow to begin. The interactive features are fun and engaging allowing clouds, planes and so on to be moved anywhere on the screen by tapping or dragging their pictures, this helps to develop fine motor skills and coordination in young kids while keeping it entertaining. The words are highlighted as narrated which is a fantastic aid for children learning to read and the names of objects appear when touched which is useful for developing picture / word association in young children. One thing that has to be mentioned are the realistic sound effects with swishing and swooshing planes, chattering passengers and workers saying things like "give me a hand" and "just a sec", these sound effects really do add to the app and make it so much more than just an e-book making it come alive.

Word appears when object touched on screen
Ben loves this app especially the way in which he can drag the clouds and planes about on the screen. He has learnt the words for some new things such as control tower and cargo planes which was evident the other day when we were playing with his toy plane and he was pretending to load his trucks into it while telling me it was a cargo plane. This is a great app preschoolers are sure to love it.

Ben busy dragging the clouds about on screen
Planes by Byron Barton is available to download from the App Store for an introductory low price of £0.69 / $0.99 and as it is a universal app it will work on all your apple devices.

*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I received a promocode to download this app.


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