Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Our Mother's Day Cards Craft Fun

Today Ben and I took inspiration from the Mother's Day Craft Ideas For You or Your Kids post over on Maggy's blog Red Ted Art's Blog and decided we would try and make some cards using the Handprint Flowers idea for Ben's two grandmothers. We had so much fun doing it I just had to share it here.

Our first task was to paint a sheet of card in green for the flower stems which Ben got stuck into straight away taking a bit of a Seurat pointillism approach. Next for the fun (and messy) bit of painting Ben's hands to do the handprints for the flowers. Ben loved it and made me laugh the way he exclaimed he was going "squish, squish, push, push" for every handprint. I then let him loose with some paint and sponges to do lots of flowers and cats. We left them dry and it was over to me under Ben's supervision of course, to assemble the cards.

My little artist in action
We decided to make a flower for the front using three handprints and cut a stem with leaves from the green card. Inside the card we used the sponge print flowers and cut out another green stem and then on the back we put the sponge print cat and wrote "Made by Ben (aged 2 years, 6 months)". I have to say Ben and I are very pleased with how they turned out and can't wait for Nana and Nanny to see them. Thanks Maggy for giving us the great idea!

Front of the cards
The Inside
The Back


maggy said...

Aaah that is sooo cute! Love all the "extras" - the cat is BRILLIANT :-)

Hooray for inspiration. So pleased!


Mummy's Space said...

Thanks Maggy - the handprint flowers are such a great idea. I have a feeling these cards are going to be treasured by Ben's two grandmothers :)

Kelly Wiffin said...

Very cute! x Looks like he enjoyed himself!

Keynko said...

excellent! I'm a huge fan of messy painting!

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