Friday, 9 March 2012

LEGO DUPLO Zoo iPhone / iPad App Review

Ben loves LEGO DUPLO so when I came across the LEGO DUPLO Zoo app I downloaded it instantly. In this app the rabbit and the giraffe have to bring a present to the lion and have quite an adventure along the way which includes meeting lots of other animals who help them, constructing buildings, cars and bridges out of LEGO, flying a plane, lighting a fire and treating the giraffe who gets injured along with many more tasks so it is safe to say it is packed with adventure which kids will love to be part of.

The Rabbit and Giraffe with the present for the Lion
When you load the app you are presented with two options, play or watch. In the watch mode you choose between two video clips to view where you see the animals playing and constructing various things in their world made out of LEGO DUPLO which is great for giving ideas on how you can play with your own DUPLO if you have some. In the play mode you have to drag and drop blocks and decide which pieces to use to complete tasks in order to help the giraffe and rabbit on their way to find the lion. It helps to develop problem solving skills in young children similar to real life play but the great things about this is that you can do it anywhere like my son did yesterday while we were on the tube travelling across London.

Watch Mode
It is a fun app and great for developing fine motor skills, logic and problem solving in young children in addition to sparking their creativity and imagination. As the characters along with all the buildings and vehicles are all based on actual LEGO DUPLO they are familiar to LEGO fans and may in turn also inspire them to be more creative while playing with their blocks in real life.

Selecting the correct vehicle

Help to build a bridge
Ben loves this app, he recently got the Creative Sorter which you can build a giraffe with so I think he is impressed that he can now also see him in an app. It has also given Ben and me ideas and inspired us to be more creative with our real life play and Ben had on more than one occasion referred to the "giraffe on mummy's iPhone" while playing and insisting we recreate the scenes from the app. I think apps where you have a cross oven into real life and are a companion to a product are very clever and this one is great for inspiring and encouraging creativity when it comes to LEGO DUPLO. That said, a child could quite happily play this app without having the products. It gets a big thumbs up from both Ben and me.

Ben building the bridge

Doing a victory dance after completing a task :)
LEGO DUPLO Zoo is available to download for free from the App Store. I can highly recommend this app for young children, it is sure to keep them entertained and engaged while developing a whole host of problem solving skills along the way.


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