Friday, 2 March 2012

LEGO DUPLO Creative Sorter Review

Ben loves LEGO DUPLO and has done ever since he got his first set on his second birthday but I have never seen him so "into it" until he started playing with the Creative Sorter. It has easily become his number one toy since it arrived in the post last Tuesday, so much so, that he even fell asleep clutching onto the container last night and refused to let go - I think he wanted to make sure it would be within reaching distance when he woke up!

Ben busy sorting blocks
The Creative Sorter contains twenty three colour coded basic and rounded DUPLO bricks but the very cool thing is the three matching blue, yellow and red sorting plates that cleverly help to sort the shapes needed to build a parrot, an elephant and a giraffe and parents will also be glad to hear that these sorting plates double as a lid for the plastic box so you have storage incorporated.

LEGO DUPLO Creative Sorter
Ben has been loving slotting the bricks through the plates and cracks me up in the way he has to do a high-five when he gets them right - needless to say there have been lots of high-fives going on. He often gives himself a little round of applause and shouts "hurray" too, clearly pleased with his achievements! I love how he has got the hang of sorting a set of bricks per plate and then building the animal so quickly, his favourite is the parrot and it is always the first of the animals he makes closely followed by the giraffe and the elephant. He has experimented and mixed up some of the coloured bricks to make multi coloured animals and also a tree with the extra blocks. The fun doesn't stop there however, once the animals are built we have to play zoo with them and the parrot has even blasted off into outer space in Ben's toy rocket while the elephant has become one of the Mouseketools in his Mickey Mouse Clubhouse playset.

Multi-coloured animals :)
The possibilities for creativity and fun really are endless when it comes to playing with LEGO DUPLO which is one of the reason why I as a parent love it so much. Not only is it fantastic for building and developing co-ordination and logic skills in young children but I have found that the things Ben makes with it can be used in so many other forms of play such as with his playsets, roleplaying and so on. Another huge bonus with LEGO DUPLO is that it stands the test of time, the robust nature of it means that it is pretty indestructible even for the most boisterous of boys like mine and as it is interchangeable with LEGO it will have a long life span of play possibilities.

Hugs & Kisses for the Multi-coloured Parrot
The LEGO DUPLO Creative Sorter definitely gets a big thumbs up from Ben and me, it is one of my favourite LEGO DUPLO products that Ben has. It is available to purchase online and in a variety of stores and is suitable for children from eighteen months to five years costing £17.99.

*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I am part of the LEGO DUPLO UK Blogger Panel 2012 and received the Creative Sorter free to review but this has in no way biased my opinions - it is a fabulous product which I can highly recommend!


MsXpat said...

Hey I like the look out this! Will check the store much rather this for my son at his age that random lego piece that get everywhere, lol.

Emma said...

It's great isn't it? We are on the DUPLO panel too! :-)

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