Saturday, 24 March 2012

Funimal Phonics iPhone / iPad App Review

I am always on the lookout for new phonics apps for Ben which can help him learn more letters and reinforce his existing knowledge therefore I was delighted to be asked to preview Funimal Phonics, an app by School of Happy. This app is a fun way to teach young kids the alphabet and the correct phonic sound for each letter through the use of what can be described as cleverly designed interactive flash cards.

When you first load the app you are asked to choose between UK or US which is great as you can be sure that your child will be learning the correct pronunciation for your country of choice. You can then swipe between the cards from A-Z and go back and forwards between letters or select an individual card from the menu. Each card has an animal who begins with the letter selected. The cards have fun interactive features which kids are sure to love such as the 'R for Rabbit' card where the rabbit can be fed a carrot or the 'X for X-Ray Fish' card where a switch can be flicked to x-ray the fish. The interactive features are a clever way to keep the app engaging for kids without being too distracting to take from the educational benefits of learning the letters and phonic sounds.

View of all letters

Interactive feature: flick switch to x-ray the fish

Ben, aged two and a half years loves this app and each time a different card is selected he always repeats the phonic sound over again which I think is definitely helping him to learn his letters and their phonetic sounds. He loves the interactive features of the cards which definitely help to hold his attention for quite some time, the X-Ray Fish and the Monkey with his swinging arms are his current favourites.

Funimal Phonics is a fantastic app for helping young children to learn the alphabet, they will love all the bright and colourful animal pictures along with the sounds and interactivity. It is sure to keep them entertained for quite some time while they learn their ABC's.

Funimal Phonics will go on sale on the 12th April 2012 priced at £1.49 and will be compatible with both iPhone and iPad.
Ben spinning the seal's ball
*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I received a promocode to download this app.


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