Sunday, 12 February 2012

A Little Book About Feelings iPad / iPhone App Review

Learning is to decipher and recognise different emotions and feelings is a very important thing for young kids to grasp. A lot of children's books, television programmes and apps tend to focus on letters, numbers and logic puzzles while emotions often get overlooked which is why I was very interested to see how the iPhone / iPad app A Little Book about Feelings developed by PicPocket Books dealt with the task of presenting feelings to young children. This app is based on the book which accompanies the series "A Little Lesson On Feelings" segment in the award-winning children's show, "Ruby's Studio:  The Feelings Show" which was created by of The Mother Company, a company who creates products which help young children to learn about social and emotional literacy.

Tap on each felt characters to hear how they are feeling
The thing that struck me first when I loaded the app, A Little Book about Feelings was how different it felt to other e-books I have come across mainly due to the illustrations which are bright colourful photographs of cute felt animals that are sure to catch the attention of young children whose inquisitive minds are always eager to see something new and different. It definitely kept Ben's attention, he just loves all the characters in it especially the little felt puppy. To navigate through the app you simply swipe the screen so it is easy for young kids to use. As the text is read each word is highlighted which helps children who are learning to read. Interactive features include the appropriate emotions relating to a character being spoken when touched.

Cute felt bears
The app deals with all emotions, not just basic happy and sad but worried, frustrated and proud amongst others. It also teaches children that everybody, whether they are a young baby, a grown up or even a pet have feelings and emotions too. This in my opinion is a very important lesson for kids to learn and something they can never be exposed to too early.

Pets have feelings too - an important message for kids to learn
I found this app has helped to introduce a vocabulary which includes a broader range of emotions to Ben than those he was previously familiar with. In turn I find that I am more conscious to use these terms and explain feelings to him as and when they arise during the day. So in my opinion parents along with their children can certainly learn something from this app.

Ben enjoying playing with A Little Book About Feelings
A Little Book About Feelings is available to download from the AppStore for both the iPad and iPhone and costs 69p ($0.99). This app has an important lesson to teach kids and they are sure to love the cute characters.

*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored app. I received a promocode to download this app however this has in no way biased my opinion.


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