Monday, 27 February 2012

CarryMe Home Fire Station Review

CarryMe Home make a range of craft products for children including cardboard dolls houses and fire stations in small and large sizes. They make an ideal craft project for a parent (or other adult) and child to work on together. I was sent the small CarryMe Home Fire Station to review and yesterday I set about building it with Ben, aged two and a half.

The Fire Station comes flat packed in a  box and requires assembly. The box itself forms a play mat and inside you get all the cardboard pieces required to build the fire station building, four reversible rooms, four characters and cross stands and lots of squares with various pictures of household items and numbers on them which you can use to play games with such as matching pairs and snap which are great for developing memory and object recognition skills.

Assembly definitely requires an adults input but once you follow the instructions on the box it is quite easy and straightforward to do. When built there is a lot of colouring in to do so it is a project which is sure to spark the artistic minds of children (and adults) who will be kept busy for quite some time decorating their fire station both inside and out along with all the people, animals and not forgetting the play mat too. 
Ben inspecting one of the reversible rooms
My initial reaction when I opened the pack was to think there are a lot of little bits to this however once I got cracking on assembling it, it was quite easy to put together and the resulting fire station with it's carry handle looks great. I like the fact that it is a parent and child project which you can work on together. Personally I know the colouring in and decorating is something I would have loved as a little kid. My approach to decorating the fire station is the same as a real life house, Ben and I shall be doing it room by room so you could say this kind of project teaches children some basic project management skills.
Example of room decoration
Once the fire station itself was built Ben picked it up by it's handle and ran off with it to play. So while he may be too young right now for the assembly and the detailed decorating required he definitely gave the building a thumbs up (his approach to colouring in at the moment is mostly lots of coloured scribbling). This morning he has been putting his little Monsters vs Aliens figures into the fire station and they have been playing "hide and seek" popping out of the windows. 
Playing with the Fire Station
I think this would make an ideal project to do over time with a child aged five years plus with the young and old parties getting a lot out of doing it together both creatively and educationally along with a fantastic sense of achievement at the end and a whole lot of fun along the way. I'm definitely looking forward to finishing decorating it with Ben, although I do think it may take us some time yet as it is currently inhabited by a bunch of Monsters and Aliens.

Dolls House
CarryMe Home Smaller Dolls House, Smaller Fire Station, Country Cottage Dolls House and additional Large Room Inserts and Characters if required can be purchased online from here. The Smaller Dolls House and Fire Station costs £10, the Country Cottage Dolls House is £18 and Large Room Inserts and Character £5.25.

*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I received a CarryMe Home Smaller Fire Station to review but this has in no way biased my opinion.


Chloe Brewer said...

These look great, and I think I would enjoy it more than my son!! x

Mummy's Space said...

 It is a lot of fun to do! So nice having a crafty project like this to work on together :) x

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