Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Review of Gube iPhone / iPad App - A Kid Safe YouTube

Most people will agree that having YouTube on your iPhone or iPad can be a godsend at times. It especially comes in handy when you find yourself in a situations where a distraction is necessary to keep a little one entertained or prevent a toddler tantrum from erupting. There is one big problem with YouTube and kids though and that is the content is sometimes inappropriate. This is where Gube, a clever iPhone / iPad app comes in.

Gube, an app developed by Shacked Software and designed by parents for toddlers and young children has a collection of pre screened, catalogued and child appropriate videos available to watch which as a result provides peace of mind for parents as there is no danger of accidentally clicking on an inappropriate video which can so easily happen with YouTube. In the past I have been extremely annoyed to discover various crazy takes on children's shows such as The Numberjacks, Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse while searching for a video for Ben to watch. Thankfully Gube takes this problem away, it is like YouTube but with a child safety filter applied.

The look and feel of Gube is similar to that of YouTube on the iPhone or iPad except that it is uses a purple colour scheme rather than blue. Just like YouTube it has a series of options to select from along the bottom, these include Favourites, Recents, Videos, Featured and Settings. Favourites is not only where you can access all of your previously favourited videos but also set your playback preferences, this means you can set it up to play once or continuously through a list of favourite videos which is great for younger kids. Recent is, as the name suggests, a list of the most recently viewed videos, similar to History in YouTube. Video is an A-Z list of all videos available with a Search facility. If the video cannot be found you can suggest it is added to Gube. Once suggested it usually takes up to two weeks to appear in Gube with all videos manually checked for suitability and quality first. Videos can also be suggested through the Gube facebook page and I have been informed that if you provide a link to the YouTube video rather than just keywords it speeds up the time it takes to appear in Gube. Featured is a list of selected videos by Gube, we came across quite a few good ones here that Ben loves such as Cute Baby Zebra colt in Cincinnati Zoo. Finally, Settings is where you can set the Age Appropriate Video range by switching on or off the Infant, Toddler, Preschool and Grade School settings. You can also share the app from here and Leave Feedback.

Favourites: Playback option in top right hand corner
Settings Options
Ben is very familiar with YouTube on my iPhone and iPad and is used to loading it and selecting the videos he wants to watch from the Favourites or History tab therefore I was interested to see how he would take to Gube. Before I let him try it out I set up some favourites and made sure there was a selection of familiar videos available to choose from in the Recent tab. I then handed it over to him and watched. As he is familiar with the YouTube interface he took to Gube straight away and navigated around with no problem. Within seconds he was happily watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Space Adventure so I am happy to say it passed the Ben test!

I think Gube is a fantastic app and provides a worry free alternative to YouTube for parents who want to ensure safe video viewing for their young children. Part of the thing that Ben likes about YouTube is the ability to pick the video he wants to watch himself which I could not let him do without looking over his shoulder at all times whilst using YouTube. Thankfully Gube solves this problem, it means that Ben can have a feeling of independence and choice which, like most toddlers, he loves. Sure it does not have the vast array of videos that YouTube has but this would not put me off in the slightest as they can be suggested and added easily. To sum up I can highly recommend this app, it is a great idea and a wonderful solution to enable safe video viewing for children of all ages.

Gube is available to download from the AppStore for £2.49 and is compatible with both the iPhone and iPad.

*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I received a promocode to download Gube but this has in no way biased my opinion - it is a great app and I can highly recommend it.


Lisa Pearson said...

Fabulous thank you - I never use YouTube because of this problem, so I'm really glad you wrote about it.

Mummy's Space said...

Thank you - I'm glad you find it helpful! YouTube is such a great resource for both educational and entertaining videos once you can filter out the inappropriate content and make it safe for kids which thankfully this app makes possible. It's a very clever solution in my opinion.

Susan Mann said...

This is a great idea, I am always wary of letting them look on You Tube because there are so many dodgy videos on there. Will have a look at this. x

MarkL said...

Playing With Dolphins does a pretty god job of entertaining kids as well. More for the younger ones.


Nikolas Tsoor said...

It does doing a good job, but here is a one that dooing it even better

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