Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Day 31 of The 366 Project

We store Ben's Lego Duplo in a red box. At times Ben seems to find this box as much fun as the actual Lego itself which certainly was the case today when it was Lego out and Ben in. He happily sat there with Agent Mater's missile launcher and used me as target practice firing it again and again while I was asked (very nicely I must add with lots of pleases and kisses) to retrieve it for him. In Ben's words "it was lots of fun!".


Paula said...

Aww we have a greeb lego box used the same way! He looks like he's had fun :)

Jennypaulin said...

all kids love boxes don't they - so much fun! cute photo of him x

Kelly Simmonds said...

He he, my picture from today is very similar, you can't beat a good box! Well done for completing the first month of 366!

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