Thursday, 26 January 2012

Bedstar Memory Foam Pillows Review

If you are anything like me, since becoming a Mummy, sleep suddenly becomes something that is in rather short supply and very valuable when you do get it. That is why I was more than happy to review a pair of Memory Foam Pillows from Bedstar as in my opinion anything that can enhance my sleep experience is a big plus.

I love pillows!
I am very fussy when it comes to pillows. I hate feather ones, thin ones, bumpy ones, ones that are made of a type of fibre that is un-breathable and as a results gets hot when you have been lying on it for a little while. What I like in a pillow is something that will support and mould to my head and neck and continue to do so night after night.

So how did these memory foam pillows compare? The pillows arrived rolled up and vacuum packed so at first I did wonder if they were going to be a little thin but after a few hours of being unpacked they plumped right up, I was actually surprised by just how much they expanded. The pillow is a traditional shape unlike some odd shaped memory foam pillows. It is quite firm but as it is made of visco elastic memory foam it moulds nicely to your head and shoulders to provide comfortable support which is adjustable. Another big bonus of this material is that it is heat sensitive, something which I think is very important. All in all these memory foam pillows tick all the items on my list of requirements plus I think for the price they are excellent value.
Bedstar Memory Foam Pillows

These Memory Foam Pillows are available to purchase online from Bedstar and are now priced at a lower price of £49 for a pair (originally £70) which in my opinion is great value.

*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I received a pair of these memory foam pillows free of charge from Bedstar in exchange for a review but this has in no way biased my opinions.


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