Thursday, 8 December 2011

Jerricho The Elf iPad App Review

Today I came across another great iPad app which I just had to feature, it is called Jerricho The Elf which is developed by Emantras Inc and brought to us by Punflay. Although it is designed for kids five and over Ben who is two absolutely loves it.

Jerricho and his lucky hat
The app is an interactive ebook which tells the story of Jerricho who is chosen to be one of Santa's elves this Christmas. It sees him setting out to make his way to work at the North Pole by bus (which I thought was quite amusing - I never knew they had elf buses ;)). Along the way Jerricho loses his lucky hat, meets the famous toy maker elf, Bushy Evergreen and then gets to work making toys. The story even sees poor Jerricho having to chase a nasty goblin who tries to steals the toys. When I first saw the goblin I though Ben might be afraid of it but no, silly me, of course he wasn't he loved it! I guess a goblin is no scarier a character than the well loved Gruffalo. The highlight of the story for Ben was when Santa appeared which was excitedly noted by clapping and lots of "Santa, Santa, ho, ho, ho!".  The interactive sections in this app are great and include features such as selecting Jerricho's lucky hat, joining numbered dots to make Bushy Evergreen appear, pressing buttons on the toy machine and making and sorting toys, fishing Jerricho's hat out of the river along with various birds that tweet and stars that twinkle when touched - there is definitely a lot to keep little ones engaged throughout.

Interactive feature: connect the numbered dots
The nasty goblin!
Ben and I have already read this story many times today and he is getting quicker and quicker at the interactive parts, he especially loves joining the numbered dots and making Bushy Evergreen appear. This is a great app as the story appeals to young kids, the Goblin is a big hit with Ben who, like most children his age loves these kind of scary characters, the interactive features keep it engaging while fun yet educational and the ending is just perfect with Santa arriving to save the day.

It's Santa! Ho Ho Ho!
Jerricho The Elf is available to download for free with adverts from the AppStore and is compatible with the iPad. You have the option to remove the adverts in app for £0.69 but in my experience of using the app they did not cause any problems as they are placed at the top and Ben never pressed them (so far anyway). Jerricho The Elf is one kids Christmas app not to be missed in my opinion.

Ben busy connecting the numbers

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