Friday, 16 December 2011

Dr. Seuss Band iPad / iPhone App Review

This week saw the release of the fantastic Dr. Seuss Band app by Oceanhouse Media. This app is so much fun to play and will not only appeal to kid but adults alike. It takes the fantastic music and artwork from the well loved Dr. Seuss stories and uses them to bring us a very cool app which turns your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch into a musical instrument.

There are two modes of play Freeplay or Music Game which make it suitable for all ages. Ben loves the Freeplay mode and happily composes a variety of musical masterpieces to bop along to whereas his Dad and I enjoy the competition of the Music Game (yes, it really is for the mummies and daddies too!). It reminds me a little of guitar hero in that you have to press the correct buttons that match the coloured notes on screen. When playing Music Game mode you can select from Dr. Seuss ABC, The Cat In The Hat and There's a Wocket in my Pocket which are free or choose to unlock one or more of the other seven Dr. Seuss songs which include Green Eggs and Ham, Horton Hears A Who and The Bippolo Seed amongst others which cost 69p each or £2.49 for all songs. You simply select your song, pick between Easy, Medium and Hard and then the game starts.

Playing The Cat In The Hat on easy
Other fun features include the ability to select between different horn instruments with the Trumpet and French Horn free and the Clarinet, Trombone and Flute as additional in-app purchases for 69p along with fun effects, again Echo Chamber and Normal are free and there are additional in-app purchase for 69p each such as a Train Whistle which is a big hit with my train obsessed toddler! All the Horns and Effects can be purchased for £2.99 and both Songs and Horns and Effects together for £5.99. You can have a lot of fun using these features mixing and matching the parts of the horn while playing and I do believe there are over one hundred and twenty possible combinations so it is sure to keep you and your child busy for some time finding them all.

In-App Purchases and Unlocks
I have to say I am not hugely keen on In-App Purchases especially in kids apps mainly due to the danger of accidental and unintentional purchases by little hands therefore it is worth noting you can switch of In-App Purchases in your device settings if you are concerned about it. However the location of the In-App Purchases in the Dr. Seuss Band app limits this happening as you have to navigate to the settings so I am not overly worried about it with Ben. Overall I have found Dr. Seuss Band a very entertaining fun app and the great thing is it is suitable for all the family.

Dr. Seuss Band is available to purchase for a special introductary price of 69p from the AppStore and is compatible with the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. I highly reccommend it - it's a fun app for everyone!

Ben enjoying making some funky music!
* Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I received a promocode to download this app for free however this has in way biased my opinion.


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