Monday, 21 November 2011

Scribble Kid iPad App Review

I have tried out many drawing apps with Ben but Scribble Kid by TRI Ventures, Inc has got to be one of the most toddler-friendly I have come across yet. You can choose from a blank page, one of many templates which includes a variety of shapes, dots, noughts and crosses and so on in addition to a very cool feature which allows you to take a photograph and draw on it which Ben loves. It really is the closest thing you will get to drawing with markers and paper which makes it such a fantastic app to have installed for car journeys, aeroplane flights and so on.

When you load the app you select your desired template and then simply click on the coloured marker you want to use and draw away to your hearts content. The reason I like this app over other drawing ones is that it is very toddler friendly, the interface is simple and clean with no badly placed buttons that accidentally get touched by busy little hands which I have found a problem with other drawing apps. One finished you can take a snapshot and save to your photo gallery and email or print from there.

Ben loves Scribble Kid, whenever he plays with it he always starts by flicking through the shapes, telling me which each one is before selecting one to begin creating his masterpiece with. He especially loves taking a picture and drawing on it. We have had a lot of fun with this feature taking pictures of his toys, in particular his rocket and adding our own imaginative touches. It really is hours of entertainment (for both Ben and me) and I love the creativity it allows.

Scribble Kid is available to download for free from the AppStore for the iPad. I highly reccommend it - kids love to draw and colour and this makes it easy and possible to do anywhere!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I am writing about this app because I think it is one of the best preschooler drawing apps around and wanted to share it with others.


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