Sunday, 23 September 2018

What to Remember When You're Expecting Twins

When you’re expecting twins, you probably have a lot on your mind. It’s overwhelming enough to be expecting just one baby - but two at the same time is a whole other story. Luckily, there are a lot of resources out there for parents who are waiting for their twins to arrive, and it’s a lot you can do beforehand to make everything just a little bit easier.

Here is a quick guide for parents who are expecting twins so that you can feel a bit more relaxed about the future.

First: Remember the Baby Shower

While some parents are happy when they hear that they are having twins, others feel worried. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed about it all and especially when everything needs to be doubled. Make it easy for yourself a let others take care of some of it for you.

Baby showers are the best way to do exactly this. As long as your guests know that you are expecting twins, they’ll be sure to buy you some stuff that will make it easier to handle. A ZOE stroller for twins, for example, will definitely come in handy.

Let those who love and care about you lend you a hand in stocking up on the important stuff so that you can put your feet up and look forward to the big day.

Next: Stock up on Diapers

You might as well make this a part of your wishlist for the baby shower as you’re going to need a lot of it. If you already have children, you probably know that you’re going to go through diapers faster than anything else, but having twins is really quite different.

Whether you choose cloth or disposable diapers for your babies, now is the time to make sure you have a lot of them. Remember to buy a few in different sizes as well so that when your newborns seemingly grow to a new size overnight, you have a diaper ready that will fit.

Last: Prepare the Older Siblings

If you already have kids, you should help them to prepare for the big change in their lives. Make sure that their needs are met as well while you’re preparing for the twins’ arrival, and go through what kind of changes they can expect.

 There will probably be some new rules around the house, for example, and your kid needs to be aware of this before it happens so that it’s not one big surprise.

 Having twins is definitely a big deal but reading up on what you can expect and preparing yourself as well as the rest of the family can make it a lot easier. Keep in mind that you can ask your friends are family for some support as well, though, and they’ll be happy to help.

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