Friday, 21 September 2018

Roly-Poly fun with the Thumbs Up Roller Wheel

Do you ever wish you could join in and play with your children's toys? I do quite a lot and certainly did when the Thumbs Up Roller Wheel arrived for review. For research purposes, I may have given it a go and can confirm 5ft 5" is a bit too tall (thankfully no videos or pictures were taken of my attempt to use it). 

Roly-Poly Roller Wheel-tastic Fun

The Roller Wheel is an inflatable wheel, think kid-sized hamster wheel. It is awesome fun with the added bonus of giving your little ones an acrobatic workout which helps enhance their physical strength and coordination. It comes with a foot pump, however, we have an electric one which we used instead and it was inflated in seconds. 

It is an understatement to say that the kids were excited to give it a go. They got the hang of it super quick and were rolling their way up and down our lounge in seconds. Just watch this video of their crazy antics. 

The Roller Wheel is made of durable vinyl and is filled with bright colourful balls that bounce and jingle as it rotates. It can be used indoors or outside on grass, we kept it inside as I didn't want to risk the kids rolling down the stone steps leading to our patio. 

Our Verdict

The Thumbs Up Roller Wheel was a huge hit with my three children and their friends and the laughter it generated was brilliant. The only problem was deciding who got to go next but we quickly worked out a rota and the value of taking turns. The kids weren't the only ones who got lots of exercise out of using the Roller Wheel, as Tuco the chihuahua spent a lot of time whizzing out of its way so you may want to watch out if you have small pets. 

As a result of playing with the Roller Wheel, I have noticed the twins' forward rolls have massively improved so this is a great toy for little budding gymnasts as it helps develop core strength and coordination. 

Where to Buy

The Thumbs Up Roller Wheel is available to buy online from Amazon with an RRP of  £39.99. It is recommended for ages 8+ and can hold up to 80 pounds (approx 5 stone 7 pounds or 35kg). We definitely give it a huge thumbs up!

*Disclaimer: I was sent the Thumbs Up Roller Wheel to review. All views and opinions are my own and unbiased. 


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