Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Expanding the GraviTrax Fun

This summer we have been busy exploring magnetic forces, gravity and kinetic energy with the GraviTrax from Ravensburger. The GraviTrax track system is a brilliant way to teach kids STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) concepts and bring them to life in a fun way. The good thing about the GraviTrax system is the availability of expansion sets which add to the fun and learning.

GraviTrax Expansion

GraviTrax takes marble runs to the next level, allowing little engineers to design and build structures using STEM concepts. It is a good idea to start off with the Starter Set and play around with designs and configurations, it really impressed me to watch the kids ideas grow and develop as they played and experimented. When I introduced three expansion sets there was a flurry of ideas for how they could be used, the loop and catapult were instantly in high demand.

Expansion Building

The GraviTrax Expansion Pack allows you to extend your GraviTrax Starter Set with over twenty-five components including 2 card bases, a transparent level, 8 large vertical tiles, 4 small vertical tiles, 2 'Y' bases, a 3 way base, a vortex base, an end target, 4 bases for inserts, 2 catcher inserts, a free fall insert, a 3 way Starter base insert and a target insert. It is perfect for kids like mine who want to build bigger and more complicated structures.

Expansion Looping

The kids saw the Expansion Looping addition and couldn't wait to test it out. They said it reminded them of having a little mini rollercoaster and wanted to see it in action straight away. The interesting part was figuring out how much power they would need to get the gravity sphere to actually loop-the-loop. We did a lot of experimenting with this one and the kids definitely learned about the dynamic forces of nature.

Expansion Catapult

There is no denying catapults are pretty awesome but it takes a bit of experimentation to overcome the force of gravity and get the gravity spheres to actually fly through the air. The Expansion Catapult brought a new dimension of fun and skill to our GraviTrax building and racing fun.

Our Verdict

We have loved expanding the GraviTrax fun with these three Expansion sets. The kids have learned so much from building and experimenting with GraviTrax that I, as a parent, can see real value in the products. The availability of expansion sets is brilliant as it adds more dimensions and challenges to keep STEM learning fun while continuing to engage your child. 

Where to Buy

The GraviTrax track system is available to buy online from Amazon, the Expansion Pack is currently priced at £19.99, the Expansion Looping add-on is £15.10 and the Expansion Catapult is £9.99. 


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