Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Mine It - Discover the Treasure Inside

Mine It is such a fantastic idea, it lets kids become a mini archaeologist and dig for hidden treasure with a one in twenty-four chance to discover gold or diamond hidden inside. There are two varieties to choose from, Diamond or Gold. Which one would you choose? I have to admit the lure of the sparkly diamond on the box got my vote.

Time to Mine It 

Inside the Mine It box, you will find the diamond or gold block along with all the tools you need to mine it including a hammer, a chisel and a magnifying glass. 

Ben couldn't wait to get started, he loves fossils and precious gems and stones so he was dying to see what was lying inside.

There is an element of surprise and excitement as you chisel away to get to the treasure inside. The block itself is made of a sandy, chalk-like substance so best to pop it on a tray while excavating to avoid the sand getting everywhere.

The whole process of mining your diamond or gold block is a fun activity and the race to get to the treasure is enjoyable not just for the little archaeologist hard at work, but for those who are watching and waiting in suspense. There is also the added bonus of developing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination through the use of the tools. Children also learn about different gems such as Rose Crystal, Volcano Rock, Red Onyx, Black Jaspar, Tiger Eye and more when it comes to identifying their treasure.

Unfortunately Ben wasn't lucky enough to find a diamond but he was impressed with the cube-shaped Rose Crystal he uncovered, which according to him has very special superpowers. His precious gem has become central to a whole host of imaginative play ever since and is usually found in his hand or pocket.

Where to Buy

Mine It Diamond and Gold packs are available to buy from all the leading retailers including Smyths and online from Amazon and Character with an RRP of £4.99 each. 

I can definitely recommend Mine It, each pack makes for a fun activity with the added anticipation of what lies inside. Do pop back and tell me if you are one of the lucky ones to find a diamond or piece of gold in one. Happy mining. 

*Disclaimer: I received two Mine It packs for review. All views and opinions are my own and unbiased. 


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