Wednesday, 6 December 2017

The Elves are Back

Stardust, Snowflake and Oswald, our much loved Elves on the Shelf are back and adding lots of fun to the Christmas countdown again this year. Seeing the excitement and wonder in my childrens' eyes at this time of year is where the Christmas magic lies for me, and these little elves certainly help to make this happen. I love the mad scramble in the morning as the Twins and Ben jump out of bed and race around the house trying to find what mischief their elves have been up to the night before. 

Only six days in and our cheeky elves certainly have been enjoying themselves. They have had a disco party, read the Christmasurus, were found swinging from curtain poles, hid in the Lego Disney Castle, hung out with the peas in the pod and even got up to some decorating last night which meant the kids woke up to a magical sight when they opened their bedroom doors and discovered the elves had lit up the staircase with twinkling fairy lights. Here are a few pictures from the past few days to show what they have been up to. 

I love Elf on the Shelf just as much as the kids, this is our fifth year of having them visit and the magic these little elves bring is stronger than ever. I wonder what plans they have for tonight.


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