Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Shopkins Skyanna Jet Review

Like most little girls, Zoey loves Shopkins, she doesn't have a huge collection of them but the ones she does have, she treasures. I have noticed recently that she has started drawing them a lot and I have to say I am quite impressed with her efforts, here is her version of Kooky Cookie.

One thing Zoey desperately wants is a Shoppie doll and is always drawn to them in toy aisles, I have to say I can see why - they are colourful, pretty and have funky outfits. For those who are not yet familiar with Shoppies, they are the spin-off doll line that was originally released in October 2015. They are fun, cool shopkeepers, bursting with unique personalities and have particular Shopkins associated with them. Lucky for Zoey, I was recently sent the one she has been "oohing and ahhing' over the most - the Shopkins Skyana Jet. As you can probably imagine she was over the moon when I showed her and couldn't wait to get it out of the box.

Meet Skyana

Skyana is a Season Eight Shoppie which was released in 2017 for the World Vacation line and is aeroplane themed. She is a real high-flying jet setter who always has her head in the clouds daydreaming about her next exotic destination.

Shopkins Skyanna Jet Playset

The Shoppies Skyanna's Jet playset comes with an exclusive Skyanna pilot doll, three exclusive Shopkins characters, a Jet plane playset, a suitcase, an exclusive luggage bag, a cart, a passport, a hairbrush and a VIP card to use with the free World Vacation app.

Skyanna, the pilot doll, can fly her friends around the world with her Jet Playset. The Jet opens up and can hold three jet-setting Shoppies dolls which is good news for fans who want to extend their collection. It has rotating seats for extra comfort and an overhead compartment to load all your passengers luggage. Also included are three of Skyanna's Shopkins friends, namely Fizzy Soda, Lynn Flight Meal and Captain. The playset really does include everything your Shoppies need to get on board and relax in high-flying style as the Shopkins serve up a flight full of fun.

Our Verdict

As previously mentioned, Zoey has wanted this playset since she first set eyes on it and I am pleased to say it hasn't disappointed her, or indeed me as a parent who dreads the whole quickly abandoned toy scenario. It is a great playset which allows your child to use their imagination and invent different adventures day after day, it has definitely kept Zoey engaged and her twin Zachary loves to join her playing jet-setters too.

The level of detail in the playset is really impressive, the sparkly pink and purple jet with little Shopkins in each window is very well designed and easy to open up and close for children. 

Everything is flight themed from the cloud hairbrush to Skyanna's little aeroplane shoes which I personally love. 

Having played with the set with Zoey we decided that we hope the next plane we go on has cool rotating seats like this one, the Shoppies definitely like to travel in comfort, that is for sure!

Another interesting observation on the Skyanna playset is the fact that it has tackled gender and roles in a way which I would previously never have thought about. After playing with it for awhile Zoey suddenly announced that she wanted to be a pilot like Skyanna, funnily she said that she thought only boys could be pilots but now she has seen Skyanna fly her jet she could be one too.  I have to admit I had never really thought about this before, when the kids talk about what they want to be Zoey usually says an artist or a vet and the boys say scientists or astronauts. It hadn't occurred to me that they may have formed their own gendered view of jobs at such a young age so it is a nice added bonus of the Skyanna playset that it has dispelled this notion.  

Where to Buy

Shopkins Skyana Jet has an RRP of £49.99 and is available to buy from ASDA and is part of the ASDA Chosen by Kids range of toys which have been put through their paces and tested by kids. We can highly recommend it too, a perfect one to add to a Shopkins fan's gift list.


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