Friday, 10 November 2017

#ItsHeroTime with Ben 10 Power Up Figures

My two boys are massive Ben 10 fans. Ben, in particular loves the show and has for a long time, he was born on the 10th of September so I think he sees himself as a real life "Ben 10". Therefore I knew they would love to review a Ben 10 Power Up Figure from Flair. We were sent Heatblast who I have been reliably informed by my little fans, is super awesome as he has the ability to generate intense heat and fire from his body. In the show he can not only form fire into any shape that he chooses such as fireballs, but he also has the ability to throw flaming punches and breathe fire. I can see why he was called Heatblast.

A Bit about Ben 10

For those who are not familiar with Ben 10, Ben is a little boy who while on a road trip in Rust Bucket with his grandpa and cousin found an alien watch, the Omnitrix, which allows him to transform into 10 different aliens. The very cool thing is that once transformed, Ben takes on the alien’s appearance and powers, while always remaining a ten year old boy which makes him the ultimate kid superhero according to my boys.

Ben and Zachary love role playing and recreating Ben 10 adventures pretending to transform into different aliens that have various powers. It is quite fun to watch them play and even their very girly sister can't resist joining in the fun when they are playing Ben 10.

Putting Ben 10 Power Up Figure Heatblast to the Test 

I have to say I was I very interested to see how the heat generating, fire blasting elements of the Heatblast character from the animated show would be recreated in a plastic toy. The figure is cleverly made of a mix of translucent yellow and a solid red plastic with LED lights inside it's arms which give it that heatblast glow. To power it up, you press a button on it's back and the more you interact by pressing down the button, the more it lights up and phrases sound. Ben, who is 8, is really good at this and the Power Up action is very impressive. I have to say I think the makers did a great job in capturing the features of the character. I took a picture of Heatblast lit up in the dark to give you an idea of just how cool it looks (apologies the quality isn't the best though).

Zachary and Zoey, aged 4, love the fact that you can also hold down the button for an instant alien blast. Each time you power him up he also says phrases from the show like "Fire blast" and "Justice first" which fans will instantly recognise.

Heatblast is one of three Power Up figures in the range which are fully articulated, robust enough for rough play and have their own interactive features which allows you to give your alien a surprising burst of energy. 
Having had the chance to get their hands on this very cool Ben 10 Power Up Figure has made playing Ben 10 games even more fun for my three kids. This Ben 10 Figure has been a very desirable toy with them all so I have had to crack down on the whole taking turns thing when it comes to playing with Heatblast. I have a feeling we may be seeing the other two Ben 10 Power Up Figures appear on Santa lists this Christmas.

Where to Buy

You will find Ben 10 Power Up Figures such as Heatblast online at Flair, Amazon and in stores such as Smyths Toys and Argos with an RRP of £17.99. 

Snap & Share #ItsHeroTime to Win

To celebrate the launch of Ben 10 toys be sure to watch out for a Ben 10 stand in all good toy shops and Snap & Share #ItsHeroTime for your chance to win £100 worth of Ben 10 prizes. How perfect would that be for Christmas? 


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