Sunday, 12 November 2017

Baby Annabell Interactive Doll Review

Like most little girls, Zoey loves playing with baby dolls and the more lifelike and realistic the better. It was no surprise then that the Baby Annabell Interactive doll quickly become a firm favourite with her. I love watching her play with her Baby Annabell, it makes me very proud to see how caring and nurturing she is, responding to all her baby's little babbles, cries and sounds. Zachary, Zoey's twin brother, is also a very willing helper when it comes to taking care of Baby Annabell especially when it comes to changing nappies which they both seem to love doing - I wonder will they be so enthusiastic when they grow up.

Meet Baby Annabell

Baby Annabell is just like a real baby with realistic sounds and movements. She is the UK’s best-selling doll and is wonderful at promoting imaginative role play and encouraging the development of social skills from a young age. If you have little ones in Nursery or Infants stage at school you will probably have noticed that they love playing Mummies, Daddies and babies, my two sons and daughter have all come home with tales of playing these games at some stage and Baby Annabell really is a fantastic doll to do so with.

Taking Care of Baby Annabell

One thing that I found quite amusing was the level of excitement that there was when the twins found out Baby Annabell can really wet her nappy and use her potty. Zoey kept saying "she's just like a real baby" and I noticed she started repeatedly asking her if she needed a wee just like I did when the twins were potty training not so long ago. It's funny when you can see and almost hear yourself in your child's play isn't it?

Zoey and Zachary both loved playing with Baby Annabell, the interactive features really add to the play experience and kept them engaged and returning to play with her day after day. This gorgeous little pink bundle of cuteness also babbles, gurgles, sucks on her bottle or dummy with real sounds and mouth movement which I was amazed by, she cries real tears, burps, yawns, falls asleep and responds to touch and movement.

It is very sweet to watch and hear the twins play and comfort their baby when she cries. Zoey definitely has the knack at rocking her to sleep and loves to place her very gently down to nap while telling us all we need to be quiet as her baby is sleeping. I have to say it makes me go "awww" when I see her do so. They are both very good at offering Baby Annabell a bottle or her dummy when she cries, much to our chihuahua, Tuco's relief as I think he sometimes finds the baby cries so realistic he is convinced that there is a real baby somewhere in the house.

Baby Annabell comes with all the accessories you need to make role playing fun including a bottle, dummy, bib, nappy and cute pendant. She is padded, so great for snuggles and cuddles and is definitely made to a high standard and the quality is apparent. I can definitely recommend Baby Annabell and she would make a perfect gift for any little one who is looking for a baby doll for Christmas.

Where to Buy

The Baby Annabell Interactive doll (RRP £49.99) is part of a fantastic range of Baby Annabell dolls which also includes a Baby Annabell Brother doll (RRP £49.99), which I bet Zachary would love being blue and a boy like him (and no I am not gender stereotyping here, he has a preference for blue over pink despite having access to both), the My First Baby Annabell I Care For You doll, beautiful soft and cuddly Baby Annabell Newborn Soft and Newborn Mini Soft dolls , My First Baby Annabell Bathing Doll and a range of accessories including Baby Annabell Potty Training Set (RRP £12.99), Baby Annabell Potty Time and clothing sets.

For more information, visit the Baby Annabell site and check out the usual toy retailers such as Smyths Toys, Argos and online from Amazon. The good news is I have spotted the Baby Annabell Interactive doll for sale at the bargain price of £32.99 on Amazon at the moment so grab it quickly if it is on your little ones Christmas list. 


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