Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Oonies Station Starter Pack Review

We were recently sent a very awesome product for review, the Oonies Station Starter Pack by Character which has proven to be the perfect entertainment for the kids while we have been indoors on chickenpox confinement over the past week. Oonies are inflatable mini balloons that join together to create a whole world of miniature characters.

Oonies Station Starter Pack - What is in the Box

The Ooonies Station Starter Pack comes with everything that is needed to create a variety of fun balloon designs, it includes an Oonies Inflator, 6 Display Connectors, 12 Oonie Eyes, 36 Oonies Pellets, 18 Oonie Deco Bits, 6 Oonie Connectors and the all important instruction manual. The good news is refill packs are available to purchase separately as once your kids get the Oonies bug you can pretty much guarantee they will want to make more and more...

The kids photobombing my unboxing pic.. 

Putting it to the Test

The kids were eager to get creative as soon as they saw the Oonies box and all the cute colourful creations on the box. After looking through the instruction manual the first thing they set out making was a little puppy. 

We inflated two balloons, used a connector to stick them together and then added the Oonie deco bits which included ears, eyes a tail and four paws. The result was a really cute little doggie which Zachary has named Blue. 

Since then we have been making dinos, cats, flowers and more. I really need to get a refill pack so we can keep the creativity flowing.  

What we thought

When I asked the kids what they thought of Oonies they were quick to reply with great, cool and so much fun so I think it is safe to say the set is a big hit. The Inflation Station is easy to set up and operate, the Twins are 4 and have had no problem loading the pellets in and inflating the balloons.

Once the balloons are inflated the creativity kicks in as you get to work sticking them together and decorating them with the Oonie Deco Bits. The possibilities are endless and you can be as wild and crazy as you wish with the designs, creating a variety of fun characters - as it says on the box 'If you think it, you can make it with Oonies'. The fun doesn't stop there though as the instruction manual contains ideas for cool games and challenges - plus don't underestimate how much enjoyment can be had by playing games throwing them at a window like my three have been busy doing or even popping them.

Good news for parents is that Oonies are mess free, I love the fact that you don't need to use heat or glue to get creative with these mini balloons - Zoey has been going a bit nuts lately with her glue stick wanting to get 'crafty' every 5 minutes so Oonies have been a very welcome alternative. Oonies are great for helping to develop fine motor skills and coordination as the kids get busy putting the balloons in the inflation chamber, clicking it in place and inflating it to the desired size and finally decorating.

Where to Buy

The Oonies Station Starter Pack has an RRP of £19.99 and is available to purchase online from Character. Refill packs are also available and include different themes such as the Jungle Wildlife one which has an RRP of £9.99. 

*Disclaimer: I was sent the Oonies Station Starter Pack for review. All views and opinions are my own and unbiased. 


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