Sunday, 13 August 2017

Cutie Stix Cut & Create Station Review

With all the rain we've had this summer break I have been looking for lots of ways to entertain the kids indoors and one thing that has definitely done that is the Cutie Stix Cut and Creation Station. Cutie Stix allow you to create customisable jewellery which are not just fun to make but awesome to wear.

Cutie Stix Cut and Create Station

The Cutie Stix Cut and Create Station contains everything you need to make professional and fun customisable jewellery that any girl would love to wear along with nail art and fun figures that can be assembled such as puppies and kittens and the very on trend emoji designs. We are loving the themes, there is definitely something for everyone.

The set includes a Display Unit, a Cutting Unit, a Threader, four Mighty Stixs, fourteen Cutie Stix, six Teeny Stix, two Spools of thread, two Sets Clasp Connectors, Adhesive strips for the Teeny Stix and eighteen Figure connectors. The good news is that refill sets are also available so the fun goes on and on.

Putting it to the Test

Although Cutie Stix may be primarily targeted at girls, the boys were more than happy to get involved and help Zoey in her crafty creative Cutie Stix making session. So what exactly are Cutie Stix? Well they are probably best described as a stick of rubber which has a design running right the way through it, think holiday souvenir rock except bendy. To make your designs you use the Cutie Cutting Unit which is like a guillotine that slices the Stix and the beads pop out. There are three different settings on the Cutting Unit to accommodate the different Stix sizes - Teeny, Cutie and Mighty Stix. Don't worry though the blade is safely encased inside the plastic cutting unit and you use a want to push the Stix in so there no need to worry that fingers will be sliced off. 

Our first Cutie Stix project was a bracelet for which we first cut some Cutie Stix in slices to make beads using the Cutting Unit. We decided on a mix of designs including the puppy, panda, frog and flower. We then had to core the beads using the Cutie Corer which pierces a hole through the bead either horizontally or vertically. To use the Cutie Corer you have to pop the bead in the coring container, pop it into the unit, close the door and then press the plunger down. It is easy to operate and safe as you can't actually push the plunger down unless the door is closed. Next step, assembling the beads and I was very glad to find that threading the beads is also really easy as you use a threading unit which you pop the beads on to and then feed the thread through, so no fiddly pushing of thread through beads. Finally we attached the clasps and ta-da a seriously cute bracelet ready to wear!

Our Verdict

It is evident that there has been a lot of thought put into the design of all the parts of this Cutie Stix Cut and Create Station to make it easy to use, effective and child safe. I love the display stand and the fact that it produces really fun wearable jewellery that kids will love making and sharing with friends. There is a lot of scope for creativity with this and you can not only make bracelets and necklaces but cute little figures, key rings perfect for personalising school book bags but also add earring posts and you have studs to complete your jewellery set or add them to shoe laces to bling up your trainers. The possibilities are endless and with refill packs available to purchase separately you can keep creating.

Before we started I watched this YouTube video which really helped us to get up and running quickly so I can totally recommend taking a look at it.

Where to Buy

Cutie Stix Cut and Creation Station is available to purchase online from Character Options with an RRP of £29.99 and refill packs such as this Cutie Stix Animal Themed Pack are also available for £4.99. It is aimed at ages 6+ years.

*Disclaimer: We were sent Cutie Stix Cut & Create Station for review. All views and opinions are my own and unbiased.  


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