Monday, 3 July 2017

Cadson Little Shoppers Pick n Mix Sweet Shop Review

This Cadson Little Shoppers Pick n Mix Sweet Shop is a toy of dreams for little kids as not only does it let them role play the whole sweet shop experience but it comes with actual real sweets! When I first showed the twins the Pick n Mix Sweet Shop set there were squeals of delight and when they opened the box and found two jars full of brightly coloured midget gems and dolly mixtures they couldn't believe their eyes asking me if "they really were real".

The twins couldn't wait to get playing with the Pick n Mix Sweet Shop! 

Putting the Pick n Mix Sweet Shop to the Test

The Cadson Little Shoppers Pick n Mix Sweet Shop comes with everything you need to set up a sweet shop including bank notes and coins, display tray, working weighing scales, sweetie scoop and the all important and very yummy jars of sweets and lollipops to sell. It is bright and colourful, just as you would expect a sweet shop to be and is easy to assemble and take apart for storage if necessary. I also liked the fact that you can wipe down and wash the areas where you empty the sweets as they tend to get a bit sugary. 

Like other Cadson Little Shopper and Little Helper toys this set really is true to life and lets kids pretend to be grown ups and role play out the whole process of being shopkeepers and shopping in their favourite store. It has been so cute watching them play their little "Shopkeeper" and "Shopper" roles, welcoming each other to the store, selecting the sweets, scooping them out and then paying for them. We made some little paper bags to pop the sweets they buy in which was a fun craft activity to do and they have been designing a whole lot more of them for use when their big brother and friends come to shop.

The Pick n Mix Sweet Shop is very well thought out for the target age range and helps to develop key life skills in a fun and engaging way that they will definitely not tire of. My twins have been loving this, just take a look at their video clip.

Where to Buy

The Cadson Little Shoppers Pick n Mix Sweet Shop has an RRP of £12 and is available to buy from a range of toy retailers including Smyths and online from Amazon where it is currently a bargain price of £7.98. 


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