Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Lion Guard - Talking Plush Bunga

In case you've missed it, we are massive Disney fans and the kids love all the shows on Disney Junior, especially the Lion Guard which is a spin off of the original Lion King so when I was offered a Talking Plush Bunga for review I knew Zachary would adore him.

Meet Talking Plush Bunga

Talking Plush Bunga, like his character on TV, is a cheeky but lovable little guy with the added bonus of being super cuddly. Bunga the honey badger is 30cm tall so makes a lovely companion for any little Lion Guard fan who like snuggling up with their favourite character. He features a light up 'Mark of the Guard' arm badge and makes four different, very distinctly Bunga sounds which my three kids love.

Mark of the Guard

The Mark of the Guard (sometimes known as the Lion Guard symbol) is a special mark given to members of the Lion Guard. It is in the shape of a roaring lion's head. Each member's mark changes colour to match their own pelt. It is given to them by the leader placing their paw over their shoulder and is a sign to all that the animal it is bestowed upon is a member of the Guard.

Bunga's Mark of the Guard arm badge

Our Verdict

Talking Plush Bunga has been a hit since arriving in our family, he has been the source of much laughter with his hilarious phrases and sounds and has accompanied the kids on many of daily adventures. The kids have always been fans of brave Bunga who is Kion's best friend but I think they have grown to love him that bit more since our plush version arrived. Director Howy Parkins once described Bunga as a "strong comedic character" and I think this is perfectly captured in this toy, just look at his face. 

Where to Buy

The Lion Guard range of Talking Plush characters includes both Bunga and his best friend Kion and are from Flair Plc with a RRP of £24.99. I have found Talking Plush Bunga currently on sale on Amazon for £18.83. If you have a fan of the Lion Guard they are sure to love these toys, mine do!


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