Tuesday, 21 February 2017

My Fairy Garden Fairy Flowerpot and Fairy Watering Can

Zoey has been fascinated by My Fairy Garden products ever since she saw an advert for the Fairy Garden on TV and I have to admit I totally share her interest in them. These products have that special sense of magic about them that children love to explore and play with, while also allowing them to learn about and watch the wonder of nature unfold before their eyes. The My Fairy Garden products are designed, developed and manufactured by Interplay who pride themselves in designing toys to inspire children which these most certainly do. Just have a look at the video clip below to see the wonderful range of My Fairy Garden products available.

It is no surprise then that there was serious excitement in our house when I showed Zoey and her brothers that we had received a Fairy Flowerpot and Fairy Watering Can to review.

My Fairy Garden - Fairy Watering Can

My Fairy Garden Fairy Flowerpot

The My Fairy Garden Fairy Flowerpot is perfect for introducing your child to gardening and teaching them how you can grow things from seeds. There are so many beautiful features to this flowerpot including the little ornate designs on the door and the scalloped edging pattern around the top.

The Fairy Flowerpot is far more than just a flowerpot though as it comes with it's very own magical fairy called Blossom who is a Spring Fairy and loves flowers and being surrounded by nature. 

Blossom the Spring Fairy

Blossom has her own little door which allows her to enter her pretty flowerpot home. She has brought with her some special easy-grow seeds which Zoey has been calling special magic fairy seeds. We have just set them and are eagerly awaiting signs of growth. Zoey has been pretty much checking them every 10 minutes and as her big brother told her singing and music might help speed up their appearance, she has been treating them to her very own little concert complete with harmonica playing.

Magic Easy-Grow Fairy Flower Seeds

My Fairy Garden Fairy Watering Can

The Fairy Watering Can is perfect for any little budding gardener. It is so pretty with it's very own little fairy Fenn who swings off the handle. 

Fenn the Fairy on her swing

The Fairy Watering can is fully functional with a detachable sprinkler rose along with a spade and fork which fit either side of the fairy door. Like the Flowerpot, the Watering Can has a special door which opens up and leads to Fenn the Fairy's little home for when she wants a little break from swinging on the handle. 


The twins have decided that Fenn uses her fairy magic to add special powers to the water which we put in the Watering Can which will make seeds grow faster and the flowers to be even more beautiful. We can't wait to see some how long the magic will take to work, it's definitely all very exciting. 

Our Verdict

I was so excited to give these products to Zoey and her brothers, I knew she would squeal with delight and I wasn't wrong. The products are both made of high quality materials and are well designed to be both functional and meet the demands of play. 

The fairies included are so pretty and add that extra special touch of magic, I love the fact that their clothes are clearly inspired by nature with Blossoms dress looking like it is made of flower petals and Fenn's skirt of leaves. 

The fairy doors and compartments are such a lovely way to integrate the fairy toy itself into the fully functional flowerpot and watering can as they are more than just a pot or a watering can but also a home to a magic little fairy. 

I think the products are a wonderful idea and I love that they are helping to instil an interest in nature in my children. I highly recommend Fairy Garden products, they are kid friendly, educational, aesthetically pleasing and sprinkled with magic. Children will love them and their grown ups will too!

*Disclaimer: I received the My Fairy Garden Fairy Flowerpot and Fairy Watering Can for review. All views and opinions are my own and unbiased. 


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