Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Little Live Pets Lil' Hedgehog and House Review

Meet Shy Sky our new Little Live Pets Lil Hedgehog from Character Online. She is definitely not a prickly type of Hedgehog, but a very friendly, fun and active little pet.

Shy Sky comes with her very own little home which is attached to a playset where she can ride an elevator to the top and then roll down a slide.
The cuteness factor is big with Shy Sky, just touch her nose and watch how she rolls into a ball and hides away. When she is ready to continue playing, out pops her head and the fun begins again. Word of warning though, she loves to explore so if you have a playful puppy like our chihuahua Tuco, they will definitely want to investigate and join in the fun too.

Our Verdict

The kids love our Little Live Pets Lil' Hedgehog and House and it's safe to say playing with Shy Sky has been the source of much laughter and fun here. The novelty of touching her nose and watching as she transforms int a ball and back again has most certainly not worn off yet, it is really funny to see her pop out again.

I like the fact that the house is detachable, I know Zoey loves popping Shy Sky in her little home and carrying her about the place, bringing her on car trips and up to bed with them at night. It makes her seem more "real" that she has her own special little home, just like our pet dog has his bed and carrier for the car.

Where to Buy

Little Live Pets Lil Hedgehog  is available to buy from the usual toy retailers and online from Character Online with an RRP of £19.99. You can also buy additional Little Live Pets Hedgehogs separately, there's Princess Pickles in pink, Sally Seeds in green and Snowbie who is blue (RRP £12.99 each). I think it could be quite fun to see a whole bunch of these little guys rolling about. I may have to add some to the twins birthday list.

More Little Live Pets News

Little Live Pets fans will be excited to hear that not only is the range is continuing to grow with new pets coming for spring and also for later on in the year but an adorable Hatching Chick is out now.

Also be sure to join the Little Live Pets Takeover on UKMums.tv on 20th February.

*Disclaimer: I received a Little Live Pets Hedgehog and House in exchange for review. All views and opinions are my own and unbiased. 


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