Sunday, 18 December 2016

Our Legoland Christmas Bricktacular Adventure

The day started with lots of excitement when the kids rushed downstairs and found our elves with two little Christmas trees and a very special gingerbread house, which Dough the elf, who we met in Lapland last week had sent for her three favourite kids.

After breakfast we told the kids that we were going on a little adventure. There were squeals of delight when we drove in the enterance to Legoland for the Christmas Bricktacular event. 

It was really nice being in the park this time of year with a lot less crowds than usual and it looked so lovely all lit up for Christmas especially when it started getting dark. 

There were so many amazing Christmas themed Lego constructions including a giant 18ft lego Christmas tree which was very impressive. We even learned how to make Lego snowflakes in Mrs Christmas' Toy Shop which are a really nice keepsake and look lovely on our tree. 

The actual Santa experience got off to a bad start with a ridiculously long queue to meet the man himself, our slot was for 4.15pm, we got through it by 5.45pm which with three little kids was tough going. All of the Santa huts are really closely located together as you walk through the enchanted forest. I panicked as I saw a family walk in to be greeted by a different Santa as we walked towards our hut, thankfully the kids didn't notice as it could have really ruined the magic for them. To top it all off our family photo was off centre and blurry but on a positive note, Father Christmas himself and the presents were good. Just a shame the experience wasn't quite as magical as I would have expected from Legoland.


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