Thursday, 1 December 2016

Let the Christmas Magic Begin!

This is without doubt my favourite time of the year, so much magic everywhere and that special look of wonderment sparkling in a child's eye cannot be beaten. I love Christmas!

This morning there was so much excitement in our house when the kids came downstairs and discovered that not only Stardust our elf was back, but he had brought back up in the form of a pink elf for Zoey and a green one for Zachary.

Stardust had written a special letter explaining how he had arrived the year Ben had started Nursery and now the twins had reached that stage they both needed an elf each too. Zoey's little face as she listened to the letter being read was so special.

We watched an Elf Story before taking Ben to school and the whole journey there and back possible names for the new elves were suggested (we are still undecided as yet though!). When the twins came in they ran and checked the elves were still there and the look of relief on their faces to find them was immense. I intend to eek every last minute of magic out of Christmas this year, the years of innocent children's belief are so short I don't want to miss a second. 


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