Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Christmas Shows, Parties & Elf Antics

Yesterday Ben had not one, but two Christmas plays and he did great in both. I love going to watch these shows, all the kids and their teachers put so much effort into making them come together so well and the kids are so darn cute on stage.

Ben's first show, Jack and the Beanstalk was put on by his Shining Stars Performing arts group and he played the part of the giant and a narrator. He did a fantastic job and I loved his costume changes between both roles. 

Ben the Giant form Jack and the Beanstalk
Ben the Giant 
Ben the Narrator

In his school show Ben played the part of a poor Victorian boy. There was lots of fantastic singing, acting and dancing from all the children, they all did amazing. It was a really nice way to finish up the term. I'm very proud of my little man, he really is a talented little performer. 

Ben the poor Victorian boy

Today was finally the end of term which meant Nursery party time where Santa paid a visit. The excitement was immense when I collected the twins. 

Our elveshave been up to their tricks as well, this morning they were found zip lining along some Christmas lights. Crazy elves! 

I also have to give a Tsum Tsum Adven calendar update. I finally have Mickey and Minnie and they are so perfectly festively dressed, I love them. I wonder who may lie behind the next five doors as I was convinced Minnie and Mickey would be last. 

I'm excited to say there's only 5 more sleeps to go...


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