Monday, 12 December 2016

Christmas Magic!

A Very Special Visit

What an amazing day! Today we went to Lapland where the kids helped the elves build toys in the toy shop, decorate cookies with Mother Christmas, went ice skating, talked to Santa's reindeers, played with husky dogs and visited Father Christmas in his woodland hut.

Helping the Elves to make an urgent order of toys

Decorating cookies with Mother Christmas

Chatting to the reindeers

Meeting Father Christmas
It was so magical, very special memories were made today. Such a wonderful experience for us all.


Elf Activities

Important update on our magic elf seeds, all the singing the kids have been doing has worked and they are starting to grow. Zachary was so thrilled when he went to check them and found a glittery layer had appeared, coming to the conclusion that the seeds must have burst and are finally growing. He very cutely sat by them singing We wish you a Merry Christmas to them for ages 


As for the elves, they got up to their usual tricks and were found trying to steal my gingerbread heart which was hanging in the lounge. Cheeky monkeys.

14 sleeps and counting...


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