Friday, 9 December 2016

Cadson Hetty Vacuum Cleaner Review

Zoey is my little mini-me, she loves helping me and copying what I do around the house. I often watch in hysterics as she and her twin Zachary pretend to be "Mummy and Daddy".  When I see he doing the things I do my way and copy what I say it is all a bit surreal and a reminder of just how much kids are influenced by their parents at this age. As Zoey is going through a real phase of wanting to "help" me with the daily tasks and chores I knew whatever would be inside the Christmas present we received from Cadson would be a hit, and I wasn't wrong.

Meet Cadson Hetty Vacuum Cleaner

Inside the present was a Cadson Hetty Vacuum Cleaner which was perfectly Zoey, pink and girly - it even has eyelashes which is one of the things Zoey obsesses over and always includes when drawing girls.

Every time I get our vacuum out, it is always a source of much entertainment and fun for the twins who are definitely eager and willing to get involved in using it. It was no surprise then that Zoey and Zachary were super excited to meet Hetty.

There are so many details added to Hetty that she really is just like the "grown up" version, she even has realistic sounds which add realism and are also great for aural stimulation. The plug with it's little suction cup is a fantastic idea and definitely impressed Zachary who took it upon himself to be in charge of plugging it in for Zoey.

Under Hetty's hat you will find her tools which Zoey actually shrieked at once discovered. These are great for ensuring role play is realistic and also encouraged many discussions between the twins as they worked together to figure out what and which tools they should use. I love toys like this that help to improve and develop children's hand to eye coordination, problem solving and encourage exploration and discovery, all while they are having fun playing.  

Features like the cord that reels in like a real Hetty and the dust drawer that can be emptied give it a true authentic feel. The wow part though is the fact that this little toy Hetty can actually vacuum up bits and they can the drawer can then be emptied when done, great for helping kids to understand cause and effect. It has meant that I am no longer the one vacuuming up the crumbs after cookies are eaten in the lounge as Zoey and Zachary always volunteer to do so, long may it continue!

Where to Buy

Hetty is available to purchase from most of the usual toy retailers including Toys R Us where it has a RRP of £19.99. I can definitely recommend it given the amount of play and use it is getting here, the twins love it.

*Disclaimer: I received a Hetty Vacuum Cleaner in exchange for a review. All views and opinions are my own and unbiased. 


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